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HD Online Player (Ranchi Diaries Dual Audio Hindi 720p)




And then publish that video on YouTube. And you can find it later on any device. Today’s video is a trailer for “The X Factor”. And we have to remove the Hollywood intro and the logo. And I start to build a similar video to show how it can be done. This process is designed to do everything for you. Because once you put your video on YouTube, you can promote your video with Adsense, Facebook or Twitter. And you can create a Pay per view. Do you want to know how to make a video trailer for your video and go on Youtube? Get started in five minutes with this course. Hey, how’s everything going? So this is another tutorial on how to upload a video to YouTube using the free version of YouTube Studio. And this time we’re going to be uploading a video that I took about 8 months ago. I was taking a quick video on my phone of my son playing with one of the cars that we have. So I’m going to trim that down and upload it and see what happens. So you can take a look at it at this time and give me some feedback. Let me know what you think. The first step is to get this video on my computer, so I’m going to open up YouTube Studio. And I’m going to start uploading the video by clicking the import button on the bottom here. So I can either import it as a new file, so I can replace this video if you guys want to view it. Or I can import it as a video clip. So I’m going to choose the latter. And I can click the green arrow to start importing the file, and it’s going to start processing it. Now, it’s going to keep processing this for a little bit. And then it’s going to give me a notification telling me that it’s importing. I can sit and look at it if I want, but it’s going to keep processing this. It’s going to tell me it’s importing it. And once it’s done, we’re going to see a new video here. And I’m just going to click next. So I can start to choose the file. You know, one of the things you can do is choose to do a preview, but it’s



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HD Online Player (Ranchi Diaries Dual Audio Hindi 720p)

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